Tons of avenues and alleyways in taxes.
Taxie provides speedy insight to your personal tax questions using AI.

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Asking your regular search engine your taxes questions? Good luck.

Nothing wrong with the Goog, but sometimes once you enter a door, a million more seem to stand right in front of you. With Taxie, set up a simple profile that will store basic tax information unique to you that will help provide straight to the point insight and personal response you were looking for all along! 💯

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Powered by OpenAI. That thing writing college essays and planning vacations.

You might be wondering—"then why dont i just use that chat thing everyone is using?" You could, but it sounds alot easier than it really is. By providing the basic tax information personal to you, we set up AI to give you a well astute tax pro ready to provide insight your questions. Now that sounds easy. 🏖️🍹

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